Rope Slash

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Bowling is one of the most favorite sports of many people around the world. If this weekend, you don’t want to go out and drive to the bowling club and join some matches, you can enjoy this game at home on your computer or mobile devices. Here at y8y8 comgames, this kind of bowling is different from other choices you have played before. It’s a unique combination of bowling and cut the rope.

Instead of throwing the ball towards pins and make them fall, your bowling ball is hung in a rope and you have to choose the right moment to cut the rope to make the ball drop straight into the pins below. If the right moment is gone, you lose the chance. There are 72 levels available. Remember that as you level up, you will find it harder to finish the mission.

Besides, to unlock the new challenge, you have to finish the current one. Make the pins be destroyed without leaving any one of them. It’s your main objective. You can’t cut the rope randomly but you will want to think carefully because, on some levels, this cut affects other cuts behind on And you make a wrong move, you can keep going but start playing once again.

Find the best way to solve each puzzle in each level with a perfect score. You can challenge your friend to enjoy the gaming experience with some competitiveness elements. How much time do you need to conquer all 72 levels? Check it out and deal with new missions in other games such as Airport Management 3 and Halloween Helix


Use your finger or left click to cut the rope.

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