Cut the rope: Time travel

Rate: 93.3% | 4.7/5 (3 Player)


Cut the rope: Time travel GamePlay:

Time travel is a fun journey of a frog - Om Nom. It has fallen into a strange world and its mission is to solve every puzzle to return to the present world. Interestingly, Om Nom will have the opportunity to enjoy many sweet candies and discover many interesting things in a new world. This game is divided into different levels, so try your best to complete each level in the earliest time and win 3 stars.

The journey has started! With this fascinating puzzle game, each level is a different puzzle. Your mission is to bring back the sweet candy to Om Nom. To do this, you need to find the exact rope that you can cut and bring back the candy. Don’t forget that you have a good friend who is involved in this adventure. So, you also need to bring candy to him. Here, your quest will not change at all levels, but the difficulty level will be increased continuously after each level

Moreover, you don’t have a time limit, so you do not need to rush, instead, you should think and calculate carefully. How many levels can you pass in Cut the rope: Time travel? It all depends on your intelligence and ability. Don’t miss the chance to explore more with Om Nom’s adventure like Angela Twins Family Day!

How to play?

Use your left mouse to cut the rope in the game.

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