Rope Slash : Bow Master

Rate: 90% | 4.5/5 (10 Player)


Rope Slash : Bow Master GamePlay:

Have you ever been fooled by a game? It's like you thought the game would be like this but it's like that. Sound overwhelming, doesn’t it? Rope Clash Bow Master is such a game. Its gameplay doesn’t look like what it shows you. Here at Y8y8 games, in each level, you will see some characters are being hanged. These characters just appear on Halloween. Your mission is not to kill them but save them from being hanged.

To reach that goal, you have to aim and shoot accurately at the rope to drop these poor characters. Try not to shoot at them because they get hurt as well. They look monstrous but they don’t harm anyone. That’s why you should save them. You can rotate the bow and arrow around to free some characters on the left side and the right side. Sometimes, you will find it hard to release those monsters because they are being hanged in the hard-to-reach platforms. You have to adjust the strength of the shoot to save each monster in different situations.

On, let’s show off your archery skills by getting 3 stars in each level. Just by completing your mission in a short time without shooting at any monsters, you collect 3 stars after each level. You not only have to be accurate but also quick because, after a certain amount of time, they will die from being tied by ropes around their necks. They die means your mission fails.

There are 21 levels in total and be well-prepared because the later levels are more challenging than the previous ones. Have fun and don’t forget to enjoy other cool games such as Pyramid Party and Wild West Clash.

Instructions: Mouse to rotate your bow and aim, and release left mouse to shoot.

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