Rope Bawling 3

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Rope Bawling 3 GamePlay:

Rope bowling was famous among players, so actually get to know the sequel, Rope Bawling 3. In it, you will also use a rope-hung ball to knock the skittles off the platforms. A gravitational pull lever can be situated in the lower right corner. When you move the yellow slider, the ball will start rising, allowing you to take down the pins on the top shelf.

You will use fireballs and even a laser to completely eradicate targets. There will also be obstacles also including cubes that will only be destroyed by a special fireball and pipe work from which a powerful stream of air will emerge. To progress through into the levels, you must master gravity control. How to get around them in game at y8y8 com. Have a great time!

Simple gameplay and very eye-catching graphic design will attract you. We absolutely can win! If you love this game, you can play some more games similar to 3D Touch


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