Rope Rescue Puzzle

Rate: 75% | 3.8/5 (8 Player)


Rope Rescue Puzzle GamePlay:

It’s time to train your brain and release stress with a fun puzzle game, right? Rope Rescue Puzzle is a perfect option for you among tons of enjoyable games at y8. This time, there are many fires in the town. Some houses are burning. Your main mission is to rescue people from those burning houses. Use your extendable rope to make a safe path, so people can slide to the safe place with the rope. Extend the rope and connect it from the burning house to the ambulance. Make sure you avoid all obstacles along the way such as saws, lasers, bombs, and so on.

When the rope is connected, click or tap on the screen, then each person will slide along the rope. It’s insanely enjoyable. It will keep you hooked right from level one. Each level requires you to rescue a certain number of people but it’s better to save them all. This y8 game offers 3 different modes including Level mode, Hard mode, and Time-limited mode. In the Level mode, you will advance in numbered order and there are 168 levels.

It means you have to clear the current level to unlock the new one. In the Hard mode, it’s an endless rescue mission. You will deal with a real challenge here. It’s much harder than the Level mode. Inevitably, as you advance in the Level mode, the challenging level also increases. In the Time-limited mode, you have to rescue people within a given time. Can you do it? Try your best to rescue people in time. Good luck and enjoy your free time in other amazing games such as Beautiful Little Bat Escape and Dodge Hero

Controls: Mouse.

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