Rope Bawling

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Rope Bawling is a fun puzzle game about bowling. Here at Y8Y8 game Y8, you won’t use your wrist and strength. You depend more on your brain to make the bowling pins fall. Time your action is also important. You want to cut the rope at the right time to make the ball roll toward all the pins and break them. In every single stage in 30 levels, you have to break all the pins to complete your mission. Even only one pin stands still, your mission fails.

Each level requires you to destroy a certain number of bowling pins. Therefore, don't miss any pin. Sometimes, choose the right time to act is not enough. You have to make use of some props to make your plan work. For example, before you cut the rope hanging the ball, you cut the rope hanging the boxes first to fill the gaps in the rolling lane or make use of moving platforms to make the ball reach the needed position before you cut its rope.

Just like Cut The Rope that you can also play it on, when you level up, you deal with more challenging missions as some objects will appear to block your way. Because in the first place, you didn't use force to throw the ball but use cut the rope way, the ball can successfully roll to the pins but may not have enough force to knock them over. There are cases where they just touch each other lightly.

So the first step is extremely important. The perfect first step will decide whether a level can’t be done or not. So enjoy your time and you can explore the game collection anytime. Some of the best options for you are Pole Vault 3D and Rowing 2 Sculls.

How to play: Mouse to cut the rope.

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