Rope Cut and Boom

Rate: 66.7% | 3.3/5 (3 Player)


Rope Cut and Boom GamePlay:

Rope Cut and Boom is a fun and challenging puzzle game that has the same gameplay as Cut The Rope. You can play both games for free at Y8 player. Instead of cutting the rope to make the candy drop into a cute monster’s mouth, you cut the rope to drop a bomb to make all cubes below blow up. You don’t have to activate the bomb. When the bomb hits the cubes, the cubes will be exploded.

It’s a puzzle game. That means you have to find the solution for each puzzle. At some first levels, the puzzles are quite easy. You don’t need much time to solve the puzzle. As you level up, the game becomes more challenging as you face a lot of obstacles. These obstacles may stop you from success and they also help your reach your goal if you know how to make use of them.

There is no limited time. Therefore, in the levels where you find any obstacles, you should observe to know how it works. From there, you will how to use it effectively to make the bomb reach the cubes. There are a lot of physics-based puzzle games like this at and each option is sure to give you a great gaming time with puzzles and solutions that you have to find out.

Make sure you cut the rope at the right time to drop the bomb right into the cubes. Don’t be afraid of failure. You can restart that level anytime. 50 levels are waiting for you. Unlock and complete all the puzzles. Enjoy it and other fun games such as Fun Race On Ice and Zero Twenty One: 21 Points.

Controls: Mouse to cut the rope.

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