Cut The Rope

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Cut The Rope GamePlay:

Cut The Rope is a favorite game that you can play here on y8 unblocked games. The original version - Cut The Rope attract people from all ages. Come and experience it now.

Cut the Rope - a series of physics-based puzzle games which developed by the Russian entertainment company. This game gets the love of so many people from all ages. The game has evolved to various versions like Cut the Rope: Experiments, Cut the Rope: Time Travel, Cut the Rope 2, etc. All these games are really attracting and exciting, but, I think that the original version - Cut the Rope is still the best one. 

Here is a game's story, one day, someone presses the doorbell and leave a small box in front of your door. A note has stuck in there; it said: " feed with candies ." You can figure out who is in that box, right? As the content is conveyed in the message, in this game, your primary task is to help a cute green frog reach to candies which are hanging on ropes. 
He is so hungry now. To help the cute green frog, cutting the ropes in order to feed him. Don't forget to reach the 3 stars in every level. Let's play the game now!

If you are looking forward to experiencing the world of the wonderful games. Hope you will have a great time at y8 free games!

How to play:

With the computer user, use the mouse to interact with your device. 

With the mobile device, touch the screen to interact.

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