Rope Rescuse Unique Puzzle

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Rope Rescuse Unique Puzzle GamePlay:

It’s time to train your brain with some interesting puzzles. These puzzles won’t make you more stress but help you relax and enjoy a great entertaining time. In Rope Rescue Unique Puzzle, your mission is to rescue a group of people who are trapped in the high platform and can’t find a way to go down.

You use a moveable strop to send these people on the top of the platform to the final platform at y8 game new This mission is not easy at all since there are many dangerous obstacles along the way. These things can hurt people and if any of them gets hurt, your mission is failed and you have to start from the beginning. 100 levels with different cases are waiting for you to solve here. Use your problem-solving skills to help them land safely. You have to finish the current stage to move to the new one.

On y8 co m new games , adjust the length of the rope through a series of spike gears and attack it with the node in the destination platform to save your friends. The difficulty level of the game significantly increases as the game processes. More dangerous traps appear later such as fire cannons, flying knives and so on. It requires you to observe the situation before opening a way to rescue trapped people. Each level has multiple solutions, so think out of the box and perform the one that you think it’s the most suitable.

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Controls: Open the way by using your mouse.

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