Rowing 2 Sculls

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Rowing 2 Sculls GamePlay:

Rowing 2 Sculls is a cool sports game that you may have never tried before at Y8 games online 2 player. It’s a sport of competitive rowing that 2 rowers propel the boat by using 2 oars. The game brings you to a global rowing tournament. Get ready to win every match. First of all, you choose a team among 6 options. After that, let’s start the race. The control mechanism is easy and simple than you think. Instead of controlling the oar directly to propel the boat, you just need to tap or click at the right time to pass your opponents.

There are 6 teams compete each other and you only advance to the next round if you take first place in the current race. If you get 2nd or less, you have to try harder. Your boat auto moves forward and you will see a red area on the water. When your boat comes to that area and the red turns to green, you quickly click or tap. This will boost your boat’s speed and you will pass your opposing team. So, it depends on your hand speed.

On, when that area turns to green color and you click, you reach the perfect stage and your boat will be propelled fastest. When that color is red or orange and you click, you reach the bad stage and your opposing team will get that chance to leave you behind. When the color is yellow, you reach the nice stage and your boat speeds up a little bit.

Then, time your click perfectly to win all 12 races and become the rowing champion. Have fun and have a look at other games such as Pinball Clash and Drunken Boxing 2.

How to play: Tap or click.

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