Pole Vault 3D

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Pole Vault 3D GamePlay:

Pole vault is also called pole jumping is a sport in athletics in which athletes use a pole to jump over the obstacles. Here at Y8 game new, Pole Vault 3D puts you in the shoes of pole vault athletes. You will compete against other athletes to get the world championship. As a pole-vaulter, you master coordination, timing, speed, and gymnastic ability. However, in this game, the thing is simple. You don’t need such many skills.

You only need to time your jump. It’s the key to overcome all obstacles and barriers in this game. Jump too soon or too late, you will end up with failure. If you’re lucky, you will land safely and keep running forward, but if it’s your bad day, you will land on the deadly traps and have to restart that level.

Unlike other games on https://m.y8y8y8.games/ in which you truly compete against your opponents. Here, you do not need to pay too much attention to the opponents. They are there just to make the game more special. You don’t have to pass them and reach the finish line first to win each match. As soon as you reach the finish line, you can move to the next round, even you come to the second or third place During the match, you can get coins and keys.

Coins are used to unlock new skins for your character and pole while keys are used to unlock the loot boxes that give you extra coins. Enjoy your time and make sure you check out other games on our site. Our suggestions for you are Y8 player and Pinball Clash.

Instructions: Left click to play.

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