Impostor Zombies

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Impostor Zombies GamePlay:

Hordes of imposter zombies are making their way to attack your castle and aim to turn it into theirs one day. Don’t let it happen. In Impostor Zombies at Y8 com unblocked, you have to protect your castle at all costs. You have the best archers ever; therefore, you can defeat them. Look at your castle, you can see a bow attached to it. You control that bow to shoot at enemies. Imposter zombies will come in a wave and they won’t stop moving until they reach your castle and take it.

It may be hard at the beginning because one bow seems not too strong enough to kill a bunch of zombies. Besides, it needs time to reload but even reloading takes only a few seconds, it’s enough for zombies to come close to you and enter the gate. The closer the zombies approach your castle, the harder to defeat the. Usually, a zombie will be killed by more than 3 shots. At each level, you have only 20 hearts. It means if the 12th zombie enters the gate, you lose.

Unlike other tower defense games at in which you just need to build a defensive line with different weapons or towers and they will automatically attack enemies, here, you have to control your weapons by yourself. To shoot right at each zombie, you have to calculate the trajectory and power of the shot. Kill imposter zombies and you will gain some coins. Later on, you can use coins to unlock new types of weapons that are more powerful.

Besides, you can upgrade some stats including speed, fire, and bomb as well. Watch out for your enemies because much stronger zombies and monsters will appear. Good luck and here are our suggestions for you: Impostor Rush Rocket Launcher and Shadobirds.

How to play: Touch or mouse.