Stupid Zombies 2

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Stupid Zombies 2 GamePlay:

Stupid Zombies 2 is a fun shooting game that combines with the puzzle elements. Here at y8 com games 2020, you play as a hunter and your prays are zombies The world is in danger because zombies seem to invade this land. Zombies appear everywhere. To protect yourself and save the world, you have to try your best to eliminate every single zombie that appears in front of you. You don’t have to go anywhere to find them because they will auto appear in front of you.

You have 5 bullets at each level and your main goal is to clear out all zombies at that level with the least bullet. It’s not easy at all. You can’t move around like other shooting games. You stand still and so do zombies. You have to take advantage of the platforms, the walls and the roofs to help you kill them. The bullet will bounce off when it touches these platforms. You have to adjust the angle of each shot.

On, as you level up, you will find it harder to kill zombies because they stand in the tricky position and more zombies will appear while you still have only 5 bullets. This game is simple and insanely fun and it doesn’t require too many skills from you to defeat hordes of zombies. You just need your problem-solving and shooting skills to master this game.

The number of bullets that you don’t use will turn into scores and go to your total score. That’s why you should use as least bullets to kill undead as possible. Be safe and sound and if you still keep your life safe from this game, let’s enjoy other choices of games such as Candy Grab and Death Copter.

How to play:

Aim and shoot by using your mouse.

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