Archer vs Zombies Among As

Rate: 95.6% | 4.8/5 (9 Player)


Archer vs Zombies Among As GamePlay:

Archer Vs Zombies Among As is a fun tower defense game but what makes it different from other choices that you may have played at Y8y8 online is that it features Among Us characters. However, our lovely impostors and crewmates are not by your side to defeat the attackers. They are the attackers. They will dominate your kingdom sooner or later if you don’t have any solutions to stop them. Send your elite archer to defend your castle. Kill every single zombie is what you have to do in this cool game.

Unlike other tower defense games, you don’t have several units or towers to kill zombies. You have only one archer and this archer won’t auto-shoot at zombies. You have to aim and shoot zombies by yourself. You have only 20 HP and if any zombies enter your castle, you lose some HP and when zombies haven’t been killed yet while your HP runs out, you lose. That level needs to start from the beginning.

On, with each kill, you earn coins and you can use coins to buy upgrades such as speed, fire, and bombs before you enter the next round. These power-ups will help you defeat zombies much easier but they are limited because the number of upgrades you can buy depends on the money you have. You should use them when your archer can’t deal with zombies anymore.

As you level, stronger zombies will appear. These zombies aren’t easy to be killed. You have to shoot at them several times to kill them. So save your money to buy upgrades. Break a leg and check out other choices of games such as Impostor Zombrushand Ninja Clash Heroes.

Controls: Mouse to defend your castle.