Impostor Zombrush

Rate: 95% | 4.8/5 (4 Player)


Impostor Zombrush GamePlay:

Impostor Zombrush is an endless runner game but not the classic one. It has similar gameplay with a twist. If you have played several endless runner games on Y8y8 online games, you will easily find the differences. Play as the impostor, your main objective is to escape from zombies trying to catch you and go through a series of obstacles to survive as long as possible. It means that you have to protect your life from the dangers behind you and in front of you. The path you run on is created of blocks.

There are safe blocks and dangerous blocks. Your character autoruns forward, so you just have to tap or click at the right moment to make him jump over the obstacles and turn. It’s all about fast reaction. If you take action later for only 1 second, you fail and you don’t have a chance to correct your mistake. Playing from the beginning is what you have to do next.

On, the real danger that you deal with is obstacles on the way. Zombies that are chasing you won't catch you because you automatically run forward and never stop. What threatens your life are death traps along the way. They will take your life if you are not careful. Besides, if you don’t change the running direction at the right time, you also die. This means you have full control of your life. Die or survive, it all depends on you. On your way, you collect coins, and coins aren’t used to buy something helpful but unlock new skins for your character.

Unlock all skins to run with your new look whenever you have enough coin to buy one. Have fun and spend your free time on other awesome games such as Ninja Clash Heroes and Robots vs Aliens.

Instructions: Tap or click to jump and change the direction.

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