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Impostor GamePlay:

Impostor is a mod version of the famous Among Us that many players around the world love to play. It’s quite similar to the original version but with a twist. You’re to have a great time while playing this game. Here at y8 arcade games, you are an impostor who travels with the crew in a spaceship. Everyone looks the same and no one can tell who the impostor is in the spaceship. Your main objective is to kill every single crew to be the winner. You have to do it before the crew member finishes all tasks.

You should attack when someone goes alone. If you kill someone under someone's witness, you are spotted and thrown off the spaceship. You don’t want it to happen for sure because it means you lose. So try to look for a victim who is alone. It’s better to hide in the dark corners and wait for your prey. When he comes, just suddenly jump out and attack from behind without anyone notices.

On, you must be quick because you don’t have much time. The crew members will finish their tasks quickly. To stop them, you have to sabotage the ship to make all crew members busy. In this game, you lose because of 2 reasons. Firstly, someone saw you kill someone. Secondly, the task bar on the top of the screen is full. You should act like you are an innocent crew member to avoid getting exposed. Roam around the spaceship and look for your chance.

It’s challenging but it’s what you have to do to become the only survivor. Good luck and don’t forget to experience other games such as Super Oscar and Hanger 2.


WASD to move, perform actions by clicking on the buttons corresponding to the action.

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