Cat Gunner Vs. Zombies

Rate: 81.7% | 4.1/5 (12 Player)


Cat Gunner Vs. Zombies GamePlay:

Cat Gunner vs Zombies is an insanely fun shooting game that gives you a chance to show off your skills when you face with zombies. Here at y8 1 player games for boy, you play as a cat hero who is in charge of saving the world from zombie’s attacks. Do you have enough skills to complete this challenging mission? Now, it’s your showtime. Come and kill all zombies coming to you. However, it’s a challenging task. You not only need powerful weapons but also take advantage of your skills.

You must move carefully, combine defending and attacking and observe the surrounding environment. Your gun needs some time to reload, so if a horde of zombies is coming, if you should step back while waiting for your gun fully reload. On, don’t forget to shoot some special objects along the way to gain gifts and level up. As you level up, your stats will improve as well. Take control of a cute but fearless cat on the mission to eliminate all deadly zombies in the city.

One hero deals with tons of zombies. How can you win this battle? It’s hard to answer the question but you will find a satisfying answer of yourself. Remember that it becomes harder and harder over time. You start the game with a pistol and you can upgrade and have more powerful weapons later on.

So, even if you are alone, you don’t have to afraid of anything in this world. Enjoy your time with some battles against zombies and relax with other choices of games such as Pixel Dino Run and Xmas Rooftop Battles


WASD to move, left mouse to shoot.

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