Fun Race On Ice

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Fun Race On Ice is a fun online game where you will join a run race where you have to overcome a series of obstacles and beat other players to win each round. Here at Y8 boys games, each race consists of 2 rounds and three players join one round. The last player will be eliminated. It means you have to be the first one or the second one who crosses the finish line in the first round to move to the next round and you have to be cross the finish line first in the second round to move to the next race.

Each race has a set of obstacles. Obstacles vary in the way they will stop you. For example, the giant hammers will smash you. The barriers will stop you. Ice blocks will push you off the tracks or the penguins will make you fall. You have to time your action to stop in front of each obstacle before they do something to you.

Luckily, you don’t have to turn back to the starting line when you crash into an obstacle like many games at You can stand up and keep running. However, your opponents can make use of that time when you are pulled back by an obstacle to leave you behind. Therefore, it’s better to be careful from the very beginning. Just find out the law of motion of obstacles and you can pass them easily. You lose when the other 2 players have reached the finish line.

There is no limited time but the key is to run towards the finish line as fast as you can. Keep it in your mind and win over your opponents in every round and race. Enjoy more games such as Zero Twenty One: 21 Points and Icy Purple Head 3.

How to play: Tap/click and hold to run, release to stop.

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