Small Archer

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Small Archer GamePlay:

Forget about shooting games, it’s time to play with a traditional, classic weapon called arrow and bow. Do you know how to use a bow and arrow? It seems you are confident in this field. So let’s show off your skills with a new challenge that Small Archer put you in. Here at www y8 games, welcome you to a fun arrow-using experience. How many targets can you take down? How good are you at using arrow?

If you also wonder, it’s time to test and deal with a new challenge. The rule is simple. You have 5 arrows and many targets waiting for you ahead. Now, raise your bow and try your best to send each arrow to the bullseye of every target. If you get that hit, you will earn 1 point equivalent to 1 arrow. If you miss or shoot at other areas of the target, you lose 1 arrow.

To remain all arrows that the game offers, you are required to put a lot of skill, attention and you may have to practice hard to improve your score. The targets are placed at a different height on So, you have to adjust the angle to shoot right on the bullseye. It’s hard but enjoyable and if you got one, you will feel like you just achieve something big and valuable. Practice to improve your skills and have a great performance later.

This game becomes more attractive over time and you can’t switch to another game if you haven’t got the score you want yet for sure. Good luck and have more fun with Mr Toni Miami City and Plane Touch Gun


Use your mouse to adjust the angle and shoot.

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