Test Drive Unlimited

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Test Drive Unlimited GamePlay:

Driving is never easy both in real life and in games. You will have a great gaming experience and struggling time in Test Drive Unlimited. It’s an exciting road crossing game that you can play for free along with other games at Y8 games. Eyes looking ahead, hands firmly grasping the steering wheel, feet ready to step on the accelerator, you can join the traffic now.

However, it’s not enough to keep you safe. You also need a bit of recklessness to go through all the intersections without messing with the vehicle. There is no traffic light here, so you can imagine that how chaotic the intersections will be. Timing to start driving and stop driving at the right moment. Just a small touch and your journey will be over in an instant. You have only one attempt in each level but you can always restart the level that you fail.

On https://m.y8y8y8.games/, there are quite a few train lines that cross the road you're on. You will hear and see the alert before the train comes. Don't bet your life on death. Stop and wait until the train passes, then you can go. Sometimes, being reckless also helps you complete the level quickly. The recklessness here means that you go from the starting point to the destination without stopping once. This puts you at risk but sometimes it works. The key is determining the right time to apply that tactic.

After 4 levels, you enter a reward level. It means that you won’t meet any vehicle on the street but coins. You can speed up and go through the line of coins to the finish line without worrying about anything. You can find many driving games on our site and here are the highly recommended options that you should not miss: Mad Truck Challenge and Sunset Bike Racer - Motocross.

How to play: Hold your left mouse and press to drive and release your mouse to stop.

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