Super Drive Ahead

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Super Drive Ahead GamePlay:

The battles among heroes, tribes, or soldiers are too common. Do you want to play something more special like entering a battle between cars? If your answer is yes, Super Drive Ahead at Y8 is for you. At first, the game gives you a basic car. With this car, you will fight against several opponents to earn coins and you can buy new cars in the store.

There are in total of 10 cars and the expensive the car, the better it is. You can unlock the next car in order if you have enough money or save your coins and buy an expensive one. Coins are also used to purchase some useful items including Turbo, Jump, Spikes, Mines, and Strike. These power-ups support you and help you destroy your opponent’s car faster.

Don’t expect that you can equip your car with turrets, cannons, or something like that as you see in many car battle games out there and at You and your opponent get damaged by the collision. Just rush towards the opponent with the highest speed to damage him and avoid the attack from him. There are 3 rounds in a battle. If you win 2 rounds, you’re the winner and you move to the next battle on a different map.

Each map has different terrain and you should take advantage of the terrain to attack your opponent more effectively. More than 50 levels are waiting for you. Each level is an extreme car battle with collisions and explosions. You will have a great time here and in other fun options such as Super Car Chase and Impossible Car Stunt 2022.

Instructions: Arrow keys to move and Space to power.

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