Water The Flower

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Water The Flower GamePlay:

Water the flower seems to be an easy task but this is different in a game called Water The Flower. It’s actually a puzzle game that requires you to find the best way to water a flower. You may have tried some games about connecting the pipes to create a complete network before, right? The game is also about this theme.

At y8 free gams, each level offers a different number of pipes and the water source and the flower are placed in a random position. You have to use all pipes and connect them to bring water from the water source to the flower. Every pipe is needed to be used. You won’t change the position of the flower or the water source. Instead, you rotate each pipe to connect each of them. The pipe network turns from brown to blue, you know that the water is flowing through and you succeed.

On http://m.y8y8y8.games/, you can find some games that have similar gameplay with this one but what makes it stand out is the graphics and effect. It looks so cool and you can’t wait to see the water runs through the pipe and the flower grows up when the seed is bathed in water. It’s a truly amazing experience.

Surely, each game gives you a different experience and they may or may not suit your taste. However, it’s worth to try and find out which game is the perfect one for you. Maybe, this is it. Enjoy your time here and remember to discover more when you visit our site. Horik Viking and Curve Fever pro are suggestions for you this time.


Use your mouse to rotate the pipe.

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