Car Wash Unlimited

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Car Wash Unlimited GamePlay:

Where these cars come from? They are dirty and look like a mess. As the owner of a car wash company, your mission is to clean these cars and bring back their shining look. Let's get started in Car Wash Unlimited at y8 free games - a fun game for kids and even adults. Here, you will have a chance to touch your hands in 18 different types of vehicles such as sports cars, trucks, limousines, tanks, and even a UFO.

Sound awesome, right? What more are you waiting for? 18 different vehicles are waiting in line and need your magic to clean them. Enjoy a lot of unique cleaning actions and discover various models in this fun game. You will see all the buttons that you have to press to perform different actions at the bottom of the screen. You will have to pull the water over the car, then use cleaning agents, wash with clean water, and move to the dry step. Finally, you have to polish the car.

On, you not only wash the car but also have a chance to drive them. Your performance is rated by stars. This game doesn't require you to unlock the next car like other games. The main reason is probably this game for children. So, choose whatever model to wash first. However, start from the beginning to the end in order will make the game experience more interesting. Look!

All the cars are shine and polish. They look amazing. Spend your time on this awesome game and don’t forget to explore more cool games such as Crazy Taxi Jeep Drive and Super Driver.


Use your left mouse to perform all actions.

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