Galaxy Defense

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Galaxy Defense GamePlay:

Galaxy Defense is all about preventing the meteors from crashing into your spaceship. When you see its name, you may think that it’s a space shooting game in which your main objective is to shoot down alien invaders but it’s not. Here at y8 com, it sets in a far future, where the earth is no longer peaceful and safe. Humans need to find a new place to live and you are tasked with flying into space to find a living planet. It’s a long and dangerous.

You will deal with many dangers along the way. The biggest enemy you encounter is tons of meteors. They will crash into your spaceship and damage it if you don’t dodge. Your ship is equipped with a shield. This shield is rotating around your ship to protect it. You have to control this shield to prevent the meteors from hitting your ship. You can move the shield toward the coming meteors and it will make the meteors blow up.

You will have extra shields as you level up on However, it also means that you face more challenges. If a meteor hít your ship, you lose a shield. It seems that your spaceship is moving forward but just the meteors are moving and the only thing you can control is the shield. Stay focus or you lose. It’s important to observe and react fast enough to save the spaceship from meteors. Will you survive until you find a living planet? Check it out!

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Use your mouse to control the shield.

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