Adventure Hero

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Adventure Hero GamePlay:

Adventure Hero is an amazing platformer game that promises to bring you a great gaming experience ever. Here at y8 com 2 players, a tiny hero loves fruit and he wants to collect all kinds of fruits in the world. However, this world isn’t as peaceful as it seems to be. So many enemies are waiting for this hero. He can’t get what he wants when he is alone. Are you willing to help him?

Guide him to go through various obstacles and enemies and reach all tasty fruits to collect them, then get the trophy to finish the current level and unlock the next stage. Don’t let its look fool you because it’s extremely challenging. It likes sometimes if you miss the chance, you can’t turn back and try again. Instead, you have to replay that level.

Each level puts you in a different situation and you just have 3 lives. If you touch any enemies, you lose a life and you can’t earn extra lives like in other choices of games that you’ve played on As you level up, the game won’t be easy. The later levels will make you sweat a lot and you can’t complete them with the first try. However, failure means nothing. You can learn the operating patterns of the enemies and obstacles. Then, it’s much easier to succeed. Skills are not enough, you have to be patient and stay focus. Grab the chance and breakthrough all challenges.

Play more and you can’t wait to play until you reach the final level for sure. Have a safe journey and have fun with the lovely hero. Besides, try other games as cool as this one such as Protect The Earth and Cowboy Adventures.


Move by using arrow keys.

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