Pirate Defense

Rate: 70% | 3.5/5 (2 Player)


Pirate Defense GamePlay:

Pirate Defense is an interesting and challenging tower defense strategy game in which you have to protect your island from hordes of pirates. They are skillful pirates and have experience in battle for years. How can you handle them? At Y8 unblocked, you have 4 different towers including Mallet, Archer, Bomber, and Wizard. You have to place them in strategic places to optimize their power.

Like other games of the same genre, you won’t have these towers for free. You have to buy them. At the beginning of each match, you have a small amount of money. You use them to buy your very first towers. By killing pirates, you earn coins and buy more towers to defend your island. The pirates vary in the race. It’s really hard to defeat them if you don’t have a smart plan. Choose your first tower and place it in the right place is important.

On https://m.y8y8y8.games/, you have a certain number of hearts. When a pirate acrosses the gate, you lose one heart and you can’t earn more during the battle. Places for towers are limited as well. So to boost the power of your defenses, you can upgrade them with coins or diamonds that you get when you win. Diamonds are used to boost the towers to release superpower in 30 seconds while coins are used to buy them and upgrade them to increase their damage.

Before starting the battle, the game also offers you a video to watch. By watching this video, you can get some coins for a better start. Be careful because enemies become stronger over time. Have fun and have a look at other games such as Mr Smith and Sniper Trigger Revenge.

Controls: Use your mouse to place the tower.

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