Galaxy Attack Virus Shooter

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Galaxy Attack Virus Shooter GamePlay:

There's a very serious caveat, it's that many different viruses are coming to Earth. If they are not stopped in time, humans and animals will become infected. Destroy them immediately at all costs. Here at y8 skill games, Galaxy Attack Virus Shooter will bring to you a cool gaming experience that’s different from other space shooter games. When it comes to viruses, you may think that the method to kill viruses is by using vaccines, right.

Well, in this game, you will use a combat aircraft. Yes, it can kill viruses. Different kinds of viruses come from the top of the screen. With the ones reach the bottom, they will show up again at the top of the screen. So you have to kill every single virus to win each level. Each virus has a number on it. That number is equivalent to their strength. It means you can kill some viruses with only one shot but with other kinds of viruses, you have to attack several times.

On, viruses will become more crowded and stronger as you level up. However, you can always upgrade your aircraft. You can upgrade its shooting speed and firepower. Besides, you will get help from several power-up items that you can collect during the match. And you can call a sub-aircraft to fight against the virus army with you.

Sound great, doesn’t it? Kill viruses, earn coins, and upgrade your weapon to defeat the viruses and their bosses. It’s not hard to find a great game on our site. This is one of the latest and best options that you shouldn’t miss. Check it out and you can wait to play until you reach the final level. Have fun with other options such as Mortal Cage Fighter and Bullet League Robogeddon.


Use your mouse to control the aircraft.

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