Kingdom Defense Chaos Time

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Kingdom Defense Chaos Time is a challenging tower defense game that tests your defend power with more than 50 levels. You have to deal with 15 types of monsters. How can you defeat them to protect your kingdom at Y8 games? Don’t worry. You have all you need to kill those monsters before they step on your territory. You have 5 power towers and each has its own strength. You can learn about monsters and towers in the Info section.

At the beginning of each level, you have a small amount of money. The starting money is enough for you to buy a nice tower or two low-level towers. Make a wise choice because the beginning is very important. If you have a good start, you will have an advantage. With each killed monster, you get coins and you use coins to buy other towers or upgrade the existing ones to increase their power.

On, you also have 4 magic skills freeze duration, void duration, fast cooldown, and starting mana. You have to spend mana to activate those skills. Mana appears in the bottom left corner of the screen. Click or tap on it to collect mana. In the game store, you can upgrade 4 Physicist skills including starting gold, bonus gold, meteor shower effect area, and meteor shower damage and magic skills as mentioned above. As you level, you find it harder to win because monsters appear crowded and the stronger ones appear.

Know how to manage and spend the coins you earn is the key. You should choose the right tower and place it in the perfect place to increase the effectiveness of defense and combat. Enjoy it and have a look at other games such as Zombie Sniper and Stickman Training Hero.

Instructions: Drag each tower to the place with your mouse.

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