Arena Fu

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Arena Fu GamePlay:

Arena Fu is a fun game with a simple concept but you will find it extremely hard to get a high score. It challenges your hand-eye coordination. Here at Y8com, you have to defeat the members of other clans to make your clan is the most powerful one in the realm. Enemies will randomly appear on the left and right sides of the screen. You have to pay attention and react fast enough to press the button and cast your skill to kill them.

The challenging part is that enemies come from both side and their moving speed will increase over time. Then, you don’t have much time to rest. Enemies won’t attack you but if they touch you, you die and as a result, you have to play once again from the very beginning. This is not a level-based game where you just have to restart the level that you fail. Here, your score will be reset if you’re defeated by the enemy.

On, with an enemy being killed, you earn 1 point and your goal here is to set a record in term of scores and break it after that, Besides your skills, you also can use the superpower to kill several enemies at the same time. When the superpower is ready for use, the thunder button will show up. You just need to activate it. You can see how many hordes of enemies that you defeated by looking at the upper left corner of the screen.

Let’s show other clans that your clan is the best. Enjoy your time here and don’t forget to give other games a try. Some of the best ones for you are Pirate Defense and Mr Smith

Instructions: Touch or click on the on-screen arrows to play.

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