Farm Hero

Rate: 70% | 3.5/5 (2 Player)


Farm Hero GamePlay:

Farm Hero is one of the best puzzle games that you can play for free at y8 online games. A flood has come to the farm, turning the place into a sea of water. All the animals have been scattered. They have been soaked in water for quite some time and they’re scared. Luckily, they have buoys. Your main objective in this game is to save animals by connecting them into given shapes.

It’s not easy to do it because they will flood away if there is nothing to stop them. You must make use of those flooded objects or fences. Make sure you observe the chunk of rope in their boys. They must be connected in the right order. Moving them around and gathering them with your wits. On, each level is a puzzle and there are 30 puzzles. Most importantly, you have to complete your mission at each level with a given time. Otherwise, you know that you have to play that level once again, don’t you?

The difficulty level of the game increases significantly as you move on. Sometimes, you fail to finish your mission within time. It’s ok because you can try harder next time and learn something useful from failure previous time. Sometimes, it seems that you succeed when you group all animals. However, the message indicating that you win doesn’t show up. Why? Check it once again because all animals maybe not in the right order.

Make sure you observe the buoys. The secret is hidden in there. Puzzle games are always fun and this game is sure to give you great gaming time. After clearing 30 levels, let’s deal with new challenges in Slime Rush TD and Genie Quest.


Mouse to swipe to drag animals together.

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