Ladder Race

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Ladder Race GamePlay:

People often think simple is best. Do you think so? Some games are designed with a very simple concept, theme, and controls but it’s great and world playing. One stand out option among them is Ladder Race, a racing game at y8y8. Look at its name and it can tell you something about this game. The game is related to running and ladder, right? Yes, you will race against one competitor in a running competition but it’s not a traditional running competition that you know.

You can build ladders to pass your opponent and your opponent also can do the same thing. Your character will auto-run, then you do nothing but click or tap at the right moment to build ladders to overcome all obstacles and reach the highest level of bonus at the finish line. To build a ladder, you have to collect enough sticks. They are scattered on the track. Just run toward the sticks and you get them.

On, if you fail to build a ladder, you can crash into obstacles and lose or you can be left behind by your competitor. So make sure you don’t miss building a ladder when you have to. Remember that only by winning the current race, you can move to the next race. If you lose, you have to play that level once again until you win. Besides, you should keep in mind that sticks play an important role in your success. Then, you should collect as many sticks as you can.

Don’t worry about the weight. More sticks don’t decrease your running speed. Tons of fun levels await you to conquer. Check it out and take a look at other awesome choices such as Bon Voyage and Pole Vault Jump.

How to play:

Tap or click to build a ladder.

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