Arena Angry Cars

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Arena Angry Cars GamePlay:

Instead of driving your car and passing other racers to win, you will join a car-bumping battle in Arena Angry Cars at free y8 games. Bump your opponents to make them fall off the arena. Be the last car standing to become the winner. Start the game by putting your name and picking one from four available options. Then, get ready to deal with 8 different opponents. Your main objective is to bump your opponents to make them fall off the arena.

Of course, your rivals also try their best to throw you off the map. Don’t let it happen. One of the several tips to raise your chance to become a winner here is not to stay near the edges of the arena. If you stand close to the edges of the arena, your rivals will get that chance to push you off the arena. Try to be at the center of the arena all the time. With each rival whom you push off the arena, you will level up. The higher level you are, the stronger you become.

Here at, when a battle ends, depending on your rank, you will get trophies. It means the higher rank you are, the more trophies you get. And you can use these trophies to buy new vehicles. Try to stay away from rivals who have a higher level than you. If you try to bump into them, there is a high chance that you will be thrown away. If you die, you can watch the match or restart the game. Have a great gaming time here and don’t forget to check out other enjoyable games such as Burnout Night Racing and Taxi Pickup. Keep in mind that new additions are coming.

Instructions: Mouse.

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