Block Tech: Epic Sandbox

Rate: 72.5% | 3.6/5 (16 Player)


Block Tech: Epic Sandbox GamePlay:

Block Tech: Epic Sandbox is highly interactive and creative in which you build and fight at the same time. At, you won’t build any structures like a house or a skyscraper but build a fighting car to deal with other players in the epic arena. There are different types of blocks and features available for you to create and customize your vehicle from wheels with a variety of types and purposes, turrets, rocket launchers to armor and rocket engines.

In the beginning, you have 500$. Use this amount of money to build a basic car, then kill all enemies to win and earn a reward. After that, you can upgrade it into a new level. Don’t forget to come back each day to get a daily gift. The game is also based on real physics, so weight affects the speed of movement. Speed also affects the final result.

On y8 games, you are better to choose the lightweight parts to build your vehicles. Feel free to craft the best destroyer car by placing together every piece and start taking down every single opponent easily. You can play the Arena mode to earn money or Derby mode to compete against your enemies or Mirror mode in which you deal with another car just like yours. You should pay more attention to weapons.

Each type of weapons has a unique effect and usage. Experience each of them to find the best ones fit your playstyle. One day, you will be the master of the battlefield. Enjoy other epic battles and have fun with Extreme Bikers and Snow Fast Hill Track Racing


Use WASD/Arrow keys to drive and mouse to craft.

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