Super Penguboy

Rate: 70% | 3.5/5 (2 Player)


Super Penguboy GamePlay:

Are you looking for a fun and challenging side-scrolling game at Super Penguboy is one of them and the latest option that won’t let you down. Here, you play as Penguboy who are being hunted by many enemies. If you don’t find them and kill them first, they will come to you and kill you.

Therefore, you decided to bring your gun and look for them. You have a powerful gun, a jetpack, and a parachute to help you save your life and come closer to the enemy headquarter. You have 3 hearts in each level and when you get shot, fall, or crash into any traps, you lose a life. Don’t worry. You can earn extra lives during the journey. To complete a level, you need to collect at least one start and come to the final destination.

Move slowly and make sure your every move is correct. Time your jump, shoot enemies at the right time, and so on. As mentioned above, this Y8y8y8 game gives you a parachute and jetpack. When you want to reach a higher place, you use your jetpack. You also use your jetpack to fly over deadly obstacles. If you want to land from a high place but can't get down normally, you can use a parachute.

Making use of these items will help your adventure become safer and help you finish a level easier. Wish you luck and hope that you have a safe journey. Besides, let’s embark on other adventures in Mr Autogun Online and Real Shooting Fps Strike.

Controls: AD to move, W to jump, J to use the jetpack, R to use the parachute, L to use laser gun.

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