Super Husky

Rate: 100% | 5/5 (3 Player)


Super Husky GamePlay:

Mago doesn’t guard the house carefully and the pirates break in the Mage’s house and steal his magic amulet. His owner forces him to find this amulet. Mago has to get the pirates' amulet back before midnight. Are you willing to help him in this dangerous adventure? The pirates are hiding in the forest full of obstacles and deadly traps. This cute husky can’t finish the mission without your help.

Here at Juegos online y8 games 2020, you jump over the obstacles and advance in the game from level 1 to level 6 to complete your mission successfully. You have only 3 lives in each round while there are so many things can kill you. Collect coins along the way to unlock new characters and collect apples to recover your health. Avoid balloons, spikes, bats, mines and more to keep continuing your journey. Reach the end of each level to unlock a new adventure in the next stage. You can jump on the enemies to kill them.

Along the way, you also collect some power-ups such as a potion help to do a double jump. The game doesn’t require you to finish each level in a limited time, so you should play slowly but solid. Wait until it’s safe to keep running or jump over the gaps. This platform game is both challenging and entertaining. It’s quite short but enough to bring you a great experience.

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How to play:

Use arrow keys to run and jump.

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