Super Driver

Rate: 85% | 4.3/5 (4 Player)


Super Driver GamePlay:

How often do you use public transportation? Do you go to work or go to school by bus? Let’s change the role. This time, you don’t play as a passenger. You play as a bus driver in Super Driver. This game doesn’t look like other choices that you can find at unblocked y8 games. Why? Because you won’t drive your bus, go from this destination to that destination, pick up and drop your passengers as usual. This is more awesome.

In this one-click game, you click and hold your mouse to pick up passengers and release the mouse to drop them. However, the way you pick up and drop passengers is the matter. When you pick up the passengers, you should make sure the bus has enough room for everyone. If the first bus is full, you let the passengers who are waiting at the bus stop get on the next bus. Don’t stuff too many people on a bus and each level offers a certain number of passengers and buses as well. Each passenger pays you one coin.

On, when it comes to dropping your passengers in their destination, you have to make sure they get off and cross the street safely without crashing into any vehicles. If you see a car coming, you must stop your action, then wait for this car passes, you keep your passengers getting off.

Remember that you do not miss any passengers on the bus nor leave anyone at the bus stop. With the money you have earned, you can unlock new skins for your character. Have fun and enjoy more gaming times with Top Down Cars and Crazy Taxi Jeep Drive.


Click and hold to get on and release to get off.

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