Super Onion Boy

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Super Onion Boy GamePlay:

If you love Super Mario and other platform games have a concept of rescuing the kidnapped princess, then Super Onion Boy is the latest option that you should try. Have you explained why the monster always likes to kidnap the princess? Well, never mind, just know that it’s your mission to save the lovely princess from the evils. At y8 boys games, you play as a super onion boy who is quite chubby but brave and kind. He is not afraid of difficulties and willing to help people.

Now, he embarks a challenging journey to rescue his princess who is trapped in a magic bubble. Go through 15 levels seamlessly and finish your mission. You have only one life but you can collect more heart along the way. However, it’s rare, so you must be careful not to lose your life in vain. Just have a little touch on any enemies and you will die.

On, your submission is to collect stars and coins. They will give you some unexpected benefits. To deal with enemies, you can jump on them to kill them or avoid them and keep going ahead. However, by killing monsters, you will earn bonuses.

You will find some similar features in this game when comparing to the famous Super Mario. Not only the concept but also some features and more. One more interesting thing that you love in this game is its pixel graphics in classic retro style. It’s eye-catching and the sound is enjoyable too. There is no reason for you to skip this game as well as some other games such as Dig It and Toilet Rush 2 Fun!

How to play:

Z to jump and arrow keys to move.

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