Mr Autogun Online

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Mr Autogun Online GamePlay:

How many robots can you shoot down? How long can you survive? Let’s find the specific answer in Mr Autogun Online at Y8 games online. The city is under the attack of evil robots. They aim to take over the city. Now, they have captured a part of the city and set up countless traps to secure this part of the city. Play as an elite soldier who is in charge of protecting the city, your mission right now is to eliminate these robots.

Hold your fun tightly and shoot down every single robot on your way. You run towards automatically and you have to kill robots before they take your life. You have limited HP. Keep it in your mind. Gun-armed robots aren't the only threat. As mentioned above, your life is also threatened by deadly traps. You also have to jump over the obstacles. Otherwise, you lose your life before robots attack you.

Here at, surviving the endless run and destroying all enemies is a challenging mission. You need to collect coins while running to upgrade your guns to have higher damage and destroy the final boss in each level to continue your journey. There are more than 30 levels in total and the later levels are much more challenging than the previous ones. Therefore, upgrades play an important role. You are unable to deal with robots in the later levels with your default gun.

There are 6 guns include the default gun. The higher the price of the gun, the greater the damage. With the more powerful gun, you can kill enemies and destroy obstacles faster. The fade of this city is in your hand. Good luck and give the following options a try: Squid Challenge Honeycomb and Real Shooting Fps Strike.

Instructions: WASD or arrow keys to move and Space to shoot.

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