Squid Sniper Game

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Squid Sniper Game GamePlay:

There are so many games about Squid Game at https://m.y8y8y8.games/ and you’re sure to play a lot, aren’t you? In most such games, you usually play a participant who joins the challenges to earn cash. However, this time, your role has been changed. You are a sniper who is in charge of eliminating those who fail to pass the challenge and the challenge here is Green Light Red Light.

As you may know, all the participants need to cross the finish line before time runs out. However, they can only move when the green light lights up and they have to stop when the red light lights up. If anyone still moves and gets caught, they will be killed and you are the one who is responsible for this mission. The ones you need to kill have a red sign above their head. You have to aim and shoot at the right target.

For the right target, you earn points and if you shoot at the wrong participant, your points will be reduced. It’s not easy to aim and shoot at the right target in this unblocked Y8 games game, even you are a skillful sniper because you stand far away from them. However, you can zoom in to aim more accurately. Don’t rush yourself. You have time to aim and shoot. This game doesn’t require you to finish your mission within a given time.

Therefore, take your time and make sure every single shot hits the target to get the highest score at the end of the game. You can compete against your friends to find out who is better at shooting. Enjoy your time here and in other fun games such as. Super Penguboy and Mr Autogun Online.

Instructions: Mouse to aim and left click to shoot, L to lock/unlock mouse, right click to zoom.