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PIANO GAME is now available for all music artist at y8games. PIANO GAME is a special game which can not skip. Play this cool game for free! 

Is music your passion? Your headphones are always with you and you hear music everywhere, whatever you do or maybe you dream of becoming a great musician and receive long applause every time you perform on the Broadway?

In the cool music simulator "PIANO GAME" you finally get the chance to make your dreams come true by practicing and improving your piano skills! In this game, you can click piano keys with your mouse and play just like on the real piano.

There are 6 octaves available in the game, but only 2 can be displayed on the screen at the same time. Octaves are marked with numbers -1; 0 and +1. Octave -1 allows you to play low notes, 0 octave is neutral and with +1 octave, you can play higher notes.

In "PIANO GAME" keyboard keys are also already littered with notes, so it will be easier for you to learn them and start playing like a pro faster. If letters are distracting you, you can turn this option off by clicking the 'show letter' button.

Despite the classic piano, there are also 27 types of piano you can play; from gothic organ to childish xylophone, everyone will be able to find something to like!

To make the playing experience even more realistic, you can easily bind the keys of the instrument to the keys on your keyboard, just follow the short instructions shown after pressing the 'key bindings' button. Additionally, you can also regulate the volume and choose one of 4 color styles. Enjoy this really cool virtual instrument at y8 games online!


  • In the PIANO GAME, you only need your mouse to press the keys and different buttons.
  • Click the dark square placed next to every setting button on the piano, if the square turns green it means that the chosen option is on now. 

PIANO GAME Tips & Tricks

  • Set the full screen to play more precisely. 
  • Move your mouse in the black space on the keyboard while moving from one key to another to avoid touching the keys in between. 
  • Piano type number 6 is the closest one to the real classic piano. 
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