Brick Block Game

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Brick Block Game GamePlay:

The technology has reached new heights when the games are developed with extremely realistic graphics. Pixel graphics gradually go into oblivion. The classic game titles were also remade with a new look. Sometimes we miss the old days, the old games and old things. Sometimes, we just want to put all the stuff aside and immerse in the classic experience as we have ever had. If you want to bring those memories back, let us fulfill your wish. Have you ever had a Tetris game machine?

Whether your answer is yes or no, you will enjoy this game today at y8y8y8 games play. One of the most classic games of all the times return with Brick Block Game. You use the mouse to play with different shapes of blocks but with some familiar buttons just like a real Tetris game machine. For those who haven’t had a chance to play this hit game before, your mission is to arrange different shapes of shapes into complete rows to eliminate them. You use buttons to rotate those blocks as you like. You can eliminate one line at once or up to four lines at the same time depend on your strategy.

On, the more lines completed at once, the more points you get. This game looks like exactly the classic one with pixel graphics. Remember that as the game processes, the moving speed of those blocks increases. Don’t waste any seconds or any chances to clear them. Have fun!

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Use left-click or tap to press the virtual buttons to arrange the blocks.

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