Hard Life

Rate: 70% | 3.5/5 (8 Player)


Hard Life GamePlay:

How can you survive in a very hard life when so many dangerous things are trying to kill you? This is life, so you still have to live. In a fun physics-based action combined with a puzzle game called Hard Life. Your main objective is to help your vulnerable ragdoll avoid different life-threatening incidents and dangers. He may be the unluckiest man in the world because his life is hard.

At y8 unblocked, you have to navigate through a series of levels with different obstacles. You must collect all stars and pass through all obstacles on each level to unlock new characters and new levels. Keep your character’s life safe is not easy. Time is critical while some many things have to be done. You must be aware of spikes, mines, knives, explosions and more along the way.

Watch out every move, every step because just be caught off guard for a few seconds, he dies. And you probably won't want to see that bloody death scene on http://m.y8y8y8.games/. If you are scared of anything related to blood, don’t play this game. Are you able to survive all levels of this challenging platform game?

Don’t give up if you have to play a certain level several times. It’s ok and you will learn from the failure and improve in the next time playing. You can keep going forward if your character loses a leg or an arm. Sound weird and horror, doesn't it? But you still have fun. Check it out and challenge yourself with 2 new games including Merge Fish and Hoppy Rushy


Use arrow keys to move/jump/crouch.

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