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Play GamePlay: is an interesting action multiplayer IO game gives you a chance to join Sonic in a fantastic race ever. Do you know Sonic? He is one of the most favorite heroes of many children around the world. He is the main character of many games, cartoons, and stories. Now, he appears in this fun Io game at y8 2 player and promise to bring all players an unforgettable gaming experience ever.

The preparation is simple. You name yourself a cool name, choose a favorite skin and start the match. Your main objective is to collect as many rings as possible to conquer the no.1 place. However, other players are not the only enemy. Some familiar bosses randomly spawn and you must avoid. Otherwise, you die. Always stay alert to know when enemies appear. Dodge their attacks and play attention on collecting rings. With one hit, you never come back. However, you always can play another match after losing.

On, this is real chaos and you should find for yourself a survival way. Challenges come after challenges and there is no safe time here. Your lives are threatened at every moment. If you take action quickly, you live. If you are too slow, you lose. Keep it in mind and fight your best to put your name at the top of the leaderboard.

With fun gameplay and an easy control mechanism, everyone can enjoy this game without having any trouble. If you want to challenges yourself with a new mission, you can put your skills in a test in Slippery Water Slides and

How to play:

Use your mouse to move and left click to sprint.

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