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Play GamePlay: is an interesting and challenging multiplayer online IO game in which you eat food to evolve, kill other players and climb to the top of the food chain. It means your objective is to rule the leaderboard. First of all, you put an impressive name and enter the battlefield immediately at y8y8 game y8 This place is filled with food and other players. As a newbie, you should focus on collecting fruits and sweets to level up.

When you are at a low level, you are easy to be eliminated. However, when you are small, there is still a chance for you to kill the bigger guys by using your tiny tool but you should run away to keep your life safe. There is more chance to be killed. when you are in the danger, you can speed up to run away. By doing that, you lose some energy. However, it’s better to lost energy to run than to die. So, don’t afraid of losing energy for the speed boost. You can earn experiences by catching bugs on 2 players Focus on growing and targeting low players early on the priority here. You can kill those who are smaller than yours and stay away from the bigger ones. Your position in the leaderboard depends on the amount of food you ate and the number of enemies you killed.

So, play smart to extend your life while killing as many enemies as you can to become the best, the strongest monster in the arena. Have fun and enjoy more games such as and

Instructions: Move by moving your mouse, press left mouse button to attack and right mouse button to speed up. 

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