Basketball serial shooter

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Basketball Serial Shooter is finally here at y8y8y8 to welcome all of you who love basketball. It has simple but hard-to-master gameplay. Here, your ultimate objective is to make as many balls bounce into the hoop as possible. It can be an endless basketball game or not. That’s up to you. If you get skills and a little bit of luck, you will throw the ball into the hoop successfully every time. You won’t throw the ball by standing still and aiming.

Instead, the ball will appear from nowhere. When you tap or click on the screen, the ball will bounce. You have to time your click or tap to make the ball bounce into the hoop. The ball can bounce on the floor and in the air. Right after the first time that you make the ball go through the hoop successfully, the time bar will appear. Time will fly. You should know that. The time bar will be filled up every time you score. However, if you miss more than two times, the game ends immediately. And at , it means you have to start from the beginning. If you score several times in a row, the fire effect will appear. It shows that you will get extra scores.

As you proceed, the game becomes more challenging. Obstacles stopping you from scoring will appear. Are you ready for them? Let’s see how many scores you can get in a row. Your gaming experience will be better if you compete against your friends. Competitiveness always makes the game more exciting and challenging. Have fun and make sure you check out other cool games on our site. Some of the best options for you are Jump Dunk and Basketball King

Instructions: Mouse.

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