Super Chicken Fly

Rate: 80% | 4/5 (2 Player)


Super Chicken Fly GamePlay:

Super Chicken Fly is a super entertaining casual game about a hen who wishes that she could fly high and far. Here at Y8free games, your ultimate mission is to launch a hen so she can fly over thousands of miles on the farm and see the world from above as she wishes. The way you launch a hen is just like the way you play baseball. You use a bat to hit the chicken.

The key to launching the chicken as far as possible is to time your action. When the chicken is dropped, you must hit her at the right time to have a perfect hit. If you miss, you can carry out the next hit. It takes time to practice and you also need a little bit of luck to launch the chicken perfectly. With several tries, you will figure out when is the most perfect time to take action.

When the chicken falls 2/3 of the distance from the starting point and ending point, let’s swing your bat and hit to reach the greatest achievement at You can control how the chicken lands. The chicken will bounce against many little animals and keep flying. She stops when she lands or crashes into dangerous objects on the way. With each attempt, you earn money depending on how far the chicken reaches and you can spend money upgrading some stats including speed, power, bounce, and launch. These upgrades will help you get better achievements.

You also can unlock new tools to launch the chicken. Enjoy this game and other choices that promise to bring you hours of joy such as OCD Dreambot and Super Villainy.

How to play: Launch the chicken by mouse or touching.

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