Guess Who

Rate: 60% | 3/5 (2 Player)


Guess Who GamePlay:

Compete against AI or other players around the world in a fun character guessing game called Guess Who? At y8 com, you will attack your opponent to become the winner without using weapons but some questions. Before starting the game, you can choose to play with AI or real players. After that, you and your opponent will have time to choose your own character whom you and your opponent have to guess each other.

You use the questions about character characteristics that the game offers such as Does your character have mouth open? Is your character wearing glasses? or Is your character bald? Both players have to answer yes or no. Depend on the answer of each player, characters with or without such characteristics will be disqualified. Players have to answer honestly.

There are 24 characters with different characteristics in the game. You watch closely at their faces and find out the questions help you eliminate the most characters in order to reach your goal on This game is simple and fun but to become the winner, you must choose the questions strategically without choosing randomly. Even if you know who the opponent’s character is, you can’t finish the game until one character has left. You still have to choose a question.

If you are bored and want to find something cheer you up, then this game is the best choice to opt for. If it isn’t enough yet, let’s play other games such as Cube Wave and Reach Fifty


Use your mouse to guess who.

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