Gunfighter Gunmans Proof

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When it comes to ghosts, everyone must feel scared. It seems that a ghost is hiding somewhere and suddenly jumps out from somewhere and scares you. Are you brave enough to face ghosts? Let’s play Gunfighter Gunmans Proof at Y8 free games! It’s a unique ghost-shooting game in which you have to kill every single ghost right away when they appear. Otherwise, they will take your life. You are a skillful gunslinger. That’s why there is no reason to be afraid of ghosts.

You have a weapon to kill them. This will be an endless battle. Apparently, the battle ends only if you die or you reach your final goal. Death means you have to start over again. You will not continue the game where you die like many other games. So be careful with every action you make. If not, you have to pay a high price. Ghosts won’t constantly appear. They come to you in each wave.

When you kill a wave, another one shows up. Between two waves, you can choose an upgrade to become more powerful just like many shooting games at There are three options and you can pick only one. Make a wise decision because it affects the result of the battle. Your choice can make you win or lose. You can upgrade Shoot Speed, Reload Speed, ATK, HP, and Aim. There will be options to decrease one stat and increase one at the same time. Again, choose wisely.

One important thing you should remember is that when your gun runs out of bullets, it takes time to reload. At that moment, you should move around to avoid being attacked. After killing all the ghosts, you can move to the new missions in Stick Duel: Revenge and Monsters TD 2

Controls: AD to move, Space to jump, mouse to aim and shoot.

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