Red Man Imposter

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Red Man Imposter GamePlay:

As the popularity of Among Us rises, so many games inspired by this famous title have come out and Red Man Imposter is one of them. This game is available for free along with so many games on Y8 games. If you have played Among Us before, then you know what your objective is, don’t you?

Here, you won’t kill anybody but build your way to reach a diamond in each level. Yes, this diamond is placed in a hard-to-reach place. You don’t have an open path for you to follow like in other puzzle platformers. Instead, you have to create one by yourself. This world is built up of several pixels. There are 3 main colors of these pixels including light grey, grey and black. Light grey and grey pixels are the ones that you can’t step on because they are just color, not solid pixels. Back pixels are the solid ones where you can step on.

At, you have to turn the light grey pixels into grey ones and turn the grey ones into blacks ones to create platforms that help you pick up the diamonds. Each time you touch these pixels, they change their color. However, it’s not simple like that. You have to be careful and accurate in every step you make. Otherwise, you will be locked in the trap you create. Remember that the blocks you pass after become solid and you can’t change them anymore. One wrong move can ruin a process. However, you can restart the current level whenever you want.

Have a great experience and make sure you check out other games because so many awesome options to discover such as Airplane Puzzles and Merge Fruit.

How to play:

WAD or arrow keys to move, R to restart.

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