Call Of Tanks

Rate: 70% | 3.5/5 (2 Player)


Call Of Tanks GamePlay:

Games about tanks always bring something epic and exciting to your gaming experience. That's why many players look for tank shooter games to play. Here at Y8 games, the latest game named Call Of Tanks will take you to an enormous and action-packed world of tanks where you have to finish 20 missions filled with challenges. Instead of controlling only one tank to look for enemies and blow them up, you will deploy tanks on the battlefield and your tanks will automatically approach your enemy's base and shoot at targets. Your enemy also does the same thing. It's not a turn-based battle.

Just deploy as many tanks as you can as soon as you have enough money. In terms of money, by destroying the enemy's base, you get coins to upgrade. On, besides attacking, you also need to upgrade your bases. Your base is protected by some towers. You should upgrade them to increase the protection. In your base, you have a command tower, barrack, helipad, ATGun, and more. Tanks also need to be upgraded to increases 2 stats including HP and damages. Upgrades play an important role.

The more you upgrade, the faster you can defeat your enemy and complete the mission. A mission is completed when every part of your enemy's base is destroyed. Each type of tank plays a different role. If you deploy the right combination of tanks, you easily win over your opponent. Don’t deploy only one tank each time. This is a bad strategy because that tank will be the target of all defense weapons of your enemy.

It can be destroyed before it can approach the enemy’s base. Have a great time here and in other options such as Stick Clash Online and Pixel Zombies.

Controls: Drag and drop each tank with your mouse or finger.

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